fashion importanceSome people go through life hardly thinking about fashion. Their priorities are elsewhere, and they consider fashion to be a trivial matter. Then there are those for whom fashion is everything. From the moment they rise to the moment they sleep, their clothes are matched, coordinated, pressed, clean and stylish. The reasons that fashion is everything to certain people are as follows:

  • Its your first introduction. Whether you realize it or not, your appearance is your first introduction to new people. Because so much of your appearance is based on your clothes, your personal fashion sense will be the first thing that people notice about you. The way you present your wardrobe choices – how well your clothes fit, how well taken care of your clothes are, how well coordinated your clothes are, etc. – is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you, so be sure to start things off right!
  • It tells people a lot about you. Certain things that people want to know about you, such as how shy or bold you are, how strong your attention to detail is and what kind of flare you have, can be revealed in your fashion sense. Anyone who is tasked with evaluating you will take your wardrobe into account.
  • Its visually appealing. A person with a good fashion sense is always more pleasant to look at than a person with no fashion sense. Those who coordinate and iron their clothes, as well as wear clothes that are suitably fitting, will always have a more appealing look than those who do not.
  • It leaves a lasting impression. For an occasion such as a job interview, if you and another candidate gave equally strong interviews, but your wardrobe choices were better than theirs, chances are you will get the job. This kind of lasting impression left by your personal fashion sense is universal.
  • It makes you feel good about yourself. Being fashionable raises your confidence, your ability to express yourself and your personal opinion of yourself. Why not be fashionable all the time?