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Clothing Design

design clothesFor those who are ambitious enough to create their own clothes from scratch, clothing design can be a rewarding hobby or vocation that lasts a lifetime. It is one that requires dedication, however, as it takes far more practice than common sense can provide. Clothing design is often something that is passed down through generations, or is something that people go to school for. In order to properly design clothes, one will need to master the following…

  • Sketching your clothing designs. All creative endeavors start with a vision, and clothing design is no different. Getting your ideas onto paper is the initial step in the process of creating clothes. This means you will need to be proficient at clothing sketches and have a good visual understanding of lines, shapes, patterns and colors. You will want to sketch in as much detail as possible to have a clear guide to work from.
  • Gathering your materials. Once you have a blueprint to follow in your sketches, it is time to select the material you want to work with. You should always choose material that you are familiar with so that you are not surprised by how it moves when it is assembled into an outfit. It is good to experiment with many fabrics prior to creating a specific outfit so that you know how each one behaves.
  • Sewing your materials together. The real artistry takes place when you are sewing and hemming your outfit. This requires good hand eye coordination and a knowledge of how to use sewing materials properly. These skills and materials come from investments into your sewing abilities. You will need space set aside to work, proper equipment and time.
  • Making alterations. Even as your outfit is coming together, you will discover the need to undo certain things you have done and redo them. This will be based on what it looks like and how it fits. If part of your clothing vision does not look as good as it did in your imagination, you may want to get rid of it or alter it. If any part of the outfit is ill fitting, you will want to undo it and hem it back together again.

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