A Passion for Fashion

When Fashion is Your Life


Guys take their fashion seriously, but not as all women do. This is one aspect of their lives that appeals to them the most. A woman who does not have a good fashion sense is not likely to get attracted to a potential suitor, or she is not likely to get good comments from people.

Men are moved by what they see, and once they notice that you are a woman who dresses well, they will be drawn to you. Hence, it is important to put your dressing into big consideration.

Below are some fundamental fashion tips for ladies that you will find useful.

  1. Edit and organize your closet: From time to time, it is important to check your closet. There are some fashion tips that are completely out of place that should not be in your closet. It is important to edit your closet and remove the ones that are not needed.

You can give out fashion items that you are no longer using again.

  • Get a good fashion designer: Every lady needs a good fashion designer, because this is what contributes to making a great fashion statement. Your fashion designer is expected to double as your fashion consultant, keeping you in touch with emerging fashion trends that would make you look great.
  • Invest in fashion styles that fit your shape: One of the mistakes some women make is, they wear clothes that do not appropriately fit them. For your shape to be revealed fully, you need to wear fashion styles that fit that purpose. If you are not sure on how to go about this, you can equally reach out to your fashion designer to help you out.
  • Don’t be scared to mix patterns: Some women are afraid of trying on patterns because they are unsure of the result. Patterns are a fun way to add some life to your wardrobe, and to do this perfectly, you need to understand how they work before you start wearing them.


Life itself has lots of rules, and adhering to some of them is what helps you move forward in life. The same applies to fashion for guys. There are lots of tips on the internet on how to dress, but following the basic tips are enough to get you looking great.

So, go through this guide, have fun and learn.

  1. Adorn a Suit properly: A suit is one of the commonest fashion items for men, and one of the reasons why they like it is because of the class and elegance it gives, particularly if it is your fit. Always reach out to a bespoke fashion designer to help you style a suit according to your precise measurement.
  • Get a good wristwatch: You might not know, but ladies look out for this fashion item on your wrist. A good wristwatch is one of the best ways to make a good fashion statement. It does not have to be too expensive, just make sure it is good-looking and long-lasting. It is great to have more than two wristwatches, so that one does not wear out leaving you with nothing.
  • Wear a good underwear: It is important to take your underwear seriously. Do not have the notion that since it cannot be seen, there is no need wearing a good one. It would interest you to know that, a good underwear gives you a boost of confidence. And it reflects on your outward appearance. Closely related to this, is avoid wearing under-wears that show prints, they are not for grown men.
  • Wear good shoes: You need to take your footwear seriously because this is one of the first things that people notice when they look at you. Take out time to select good shoes that give you a great fashion statement.
  • Dress for the occasion: It is important to know how to dress for an occasion. Do not wear corporate wears at an official gathering. Look at your clothes as codes, and needing the right combination with the setting you are going to, determines how good you will look.